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Educators have a crucial role in society. Facing an unpredictable future, education inevitably requires a shift to cope with the ever-changing society in order to nurture a new generation of young people with the ability to adapt and innovate.

In this symposium, a globally renowned designer and a design educationist had shared their views on the challenges the world are facing, and the responses enabled by creativity and innovation. Pioneering tech corporations joined us to shed light on the disruption and uncertainty brought about by technological advancement, and the skills and talent needed to power changes and innovate solutions. Passionate local groups also showcased their exploration on how innovation in education could response to these challenges.

Let’s explore what the complex future holds!


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Local Innovative Educators



SoInno Design Education infuse Social Innovation and Design Thinking into secondary school education, the exhibition introduced the details of SoInno Design Education and showcase the outcomes and prototypes developed from different co-creation projects, including SoInno Design Education Pilot Programme, Co-creation Workshop for Secondary School Educators and Work-Integrated Education at PolyU Design: Cooperative Project.

Date: 13-20 April 2019

Time 10:00am to 6:00pm

Venue: 3/F, Jockey Club Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom

 20190413 DSCF8273 IMG 3488 
 20190413 DSCF8031  20190413 DSCF8074
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Co-creation Workshop for Secondary School Educators

SoInno Design Education team co-created with secondary school educators to explore the possibility of education in March 2019. Participants have re-imagined new teaching models together with designers, and on how to infuse social innovation and design into learning different subjects. The aim was to help the students to reconnect and deepen the knowledge, and also enable students to better conceptualise their findings, generate innovative ideas and increase self-reflective learning ability, and so to enhance their learning motivation and autonomy.

At the workshop:

1. Introducing design thinking

Walked through some of the basic concepts and methods of design thinking, and investigated how human-centred design could inspire student-centred learning

2. Re-imagining secondary education through design thinking

Using the power of metaphor and making, participating educators reimagined the understanding of education in a new perspective.

3. Co-designing Teaching Tools

Worked on prototypes of teaching tools and tools for educators together, and to build different preferable future scenarios for teaching.

4. Co-designing curriculum

A jamming session with each other to explore possibilities of interdisciplinary curriculum.

S3 co creation workshop 1 S3 co creation workshop 2
S3 co creation workshop 3 S3 co creation workshop 4
S3 co creation workshop 6

S3 co creation workshop 5


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