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  • We are working seniors, Feb 2019, What is the situation of the current elder workers? Let's listen the thoughts and concerns of the working elderly., https://youtu.be/-pLRyoIiscI, images/content/programme/One-from-hundred-thousand/symposium/season2/We_are_working_seniors.png, 1,
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    Members of the public and experts from a range of industries came together to brainstorm the
    needs of elderly in the context of employment

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    Under the format of World Café, participants had the chance to give personal opinions to the issue

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    Each group documented the ideas discussed under an empathy map framework for each persona

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    The symposium offered a stage for members of the public to voice their concerns

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As the population ages and life expectancy increases, The Hong Kong workforce is also ageing. The Government estimates that the Hong Kong workforce will reach its peak in 2021. Is our labor market ready to face the challenges of aging labor? What is the situation of the current elder workers? What are the concerns of the elder workers to stay in jobs or when the retirees want to re-entering the job market? Are grassroots elders destined only to 3D jobs that are Dirty, Dangerous and Demeaning?

“One from Hundred Thousand” Season 2 Symposium, held on 26 January 2019, brought together 120 guests from cross-sectors to push forward the age-friendly employment environment and policies in Hong Kong. Three Keynote Speakers were invited to share their unique views on this issue, including: Dr Lam Ching-choi , BBS, JP (member, the Executive Council, Chairman, the Elderly Commission), Prof Alfred Chan Cheung-ming  (Chairperson, Equal Opportunities Commission) and Mr Gordon Chick (Community Organizer, Society for Community Organization). Also, insights brought out by the participants and feedback from expert panellists based on 6 real stories of the working elderly during discuss session became a valuable reference for the 4 co-creation teams which aim to improve the working environment of "waste pickers", "elderly home carers", "cleaners" and "kitchen workers" in the “SoInno Action Project” stage.

♦ Guests and Speakers

Guest Speakers

Ms Miranda Ng│General Secretary of Wofoo Social Enterprises

Mr Albert Su Yau-on│Chief Executive of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Keynote Speeches

Dr Ching-Choi Lam│Chairman, Elderly Commission, Hong Kong

Prof. Alfred Chan Cheung Ming│Chairperson, Equal Opportunities Commission

Mr Gordon Chick Kui-wai│Community Organizer of Society for Community Organization

World Café Panelists

Dr. Teresa Chu│Founding Chairperson of Association of Retired Elderly Ltd

Prof. Daniel Lai│Director of Institute of Active Ageing, PolyU

Mr. Timothy Ma Kam-wah, JP│Vice-chairman of the General Chamber of Social Enterprises

Mr. K.K. Ling, SBS│Director of Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation, PolyU 

We are working seniors

Feb 2019

What is the situation of the current elder workers? Let's listen the thoughts and concerns of the working elderly.

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