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120 guests of the symposium discuss the employment support plan based on the stories of 6 elderly workers

The Symposium, titled “Empathizing with Elderly in Workplace” was held on 26 January 2019. It brought together 120 participants from cross-sector network to push forward the age-friendly employment environment and policies in Hong Kong. 

Three Keynote Speakers were invited to share their unique views on this issue, including: Dr Lam Ching-choi , BBS, JP (member, the Executive Council, Chairman, the Elderly Commission), Prof Alfred Chan Cheung-ming  (Chairperson, Equal Opportunities Commission) and Mr Gordon Chick (Community Organizer, Society for Community Organization).

120 guests of the symposium discussed the employment support plan based on the real stories of 6 elderly workers. Insights brought out by the participants and feedback from expert panellists become a valuable reference for future discussion on elderly employment.

The "One from Hundred Thousand" Social Innovation Series Season 2 “Empathizing with Elderly in Workplace” included 4 SoInno Action Projects, which aim to improve the working environment of "waste pickers", "elderly home carers", "cleaners" and "kitchen workers" by co-creation teams. Stay tuned for the updates!