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  • Revisit Symposium Keynote 1 - 透過音樂及遊戲與認知障礙症人士互動溝通, , , https://youtu.be/EYTPrXfo2Zs, images/Daphne_cover.png, ,
  • Revisit Symposium Keynote 2 - 透過了解腦退化症人士的聲音和正確照顧態度 設計腦退化症培訓課程及公眾教育, , , https://youtu.be/VUs4DF66KCM, images/Kenny_Cover.png, ,
  • Revisit Symposium Keynote 3 - 如果我們都腦退化了,怎麼辦⋯⋯ 一場以認知障礙症為靈感的設計之旅, , , https://youtu.be/iEamFoMHiO4, images/Yanki_Cover.png, ,
  • Revisit Symposium 4 - 探索設計思維與科技-建構認知障礙烏托邦, , , https://youtu.be/jCIbxki3_2g, images/Schwinger_cover.png, ,
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Movie screening || Online Seminar || Co-creation Workshop || Social Innovation Symposium || Enquiry

100 people have 100 different lives; 100 dementia patients may also have 100 different symptoms and needs. The discussion on dementia is always monotonous and negative: senile disease, weird temperament and behavior, irreversible disease, and so on. When we zoom into the symptoms of the disease, the abilities and needs of the demented persons gradually disappear from our sight.

As the population ages, the number of people with dementia will increase constantly. We need an inclusive community that can respond to the needs of every unique demented persons so that they can age at home.

When we become demented,

  • How would you like your community to accept you?
  • How could your voice be heard?
  • Are you still able or willing to contribute to the community?
  • How should people in the community take care of you when they meet you on different occasions?
  • How can we create a culture of caring for people with dementia in the community?

This season, we try to immerse ourselves into the world of demented persons, understand their needs, and together shape dementia care culture.

Programme Structure

programme structure NEW 01

Are people with dementia just stubborn, troublesome and incomprehensible? Based on a true story, the experience of a young caregiver reveals the issues such as ageing, nursing service and dementia. We look forward to being with you, reflecting on the inherent concept of dementia in society, and exploring the imagination of care culture building in our community.

About the movie:

 movie poster

CareNin - Thank God You're Here

 “I don’t let dementia end your life.”

A 21-year-old man, Kei Omori, is a rookie certified care worker. Not knowing what he wanted to do in his life after finishing high school, Kei entered a technical school for care work without giving much thought to it. After graduating the school, Kei found his first job at a small-scale multi-functional facility in the suburb. His days were frustrating as Kei was having a difficult time communicating with the elderly people with dementia, and now he was assigned as the main caregiver for a 79-year-old woman with dementia, Keiko Hoshikawa. Through trial and error, and with the support from his experienced colleagues, Kei was gradually developing a stronger bond with Keiko. He was beginning to get serious about his profession in caregiving, which he started “just because” . . .


Details of Movie Screening

Date | 2023.01.15 (SUN)

Time | 10:00-12:30

Venue | Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, PolyU

Duration of Movie | 105 Minutes (Japanese, with Traditional Chinese subtitles)

Trailer | https://youtu.be/P_nmgpu543U

Registration Deadline | 2023.01.08 (SUN), 23:59

** Limited seats are available. Priority will be given to Online Seminar registrants. A confirmation email will be sent to successful registrants.


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Before the co-creation workshop, a basic understanding of dementia helps us to conceive practical co-creation ideas. In this online seminar, experts, scholars and frontline workers on dementia are invited to share the existing community services and non-medical interventions with us. Participants will have a comprehensive understanding of dementia through this seminar.


Details of Online Seminar

Date | 2023.01.16 & 17 (MON & TUE)

Time | 18:30-19:45

Platform | Zoom Webinar

Language | Cantonese


Seminar Topics and Speakers & Speakers

2023.01.16 (MON)

Topic 1

Dementia 101 

Speaker Bio 02 

Dr Patrick Kor

Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

 Topic 2

Dementia community care and support services in Hong Kong: an overview

Speaker Bio 01

Dr Jacky Choy

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
The University of Hong Kong


2023.01.17 (TUE)

 Topic 1

Tips of home care for People with Dementia


Prof Rick Kwan 

Prof Rick Kwan

Associate Dean (Programme) and Professor
School of Nursing
Tung Wah College


Topic 2

Non-pharmaceutical interventions for dementia


Jaclyn Leung

Ms Jaclyn Leung

Art in Hospital

Cheung Yung

Ms Cheung Yung

Assistant Manager 
Art in Hospital

**Participants who join the Co-Creation workshop must attend the above Online Seminar.


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No matter your expertise, as long as you have ideas about building a caring culture for dementia in our community, you are welcome to join us as a “Social Designer” and contribute to this co-creation process!

Details of Co-Creation Workshop

Date | 2323.02.11, 18,25 (SAT)

Time | 10:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00

Venue | The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Format | In-person

Fee | Free of charge

Language | Cantonese


Co-creation Themes

Satisfying necessities of food, clothing, accommodation, transport and interpersonal communication are natural for leading a good community life. However, can people with dementia also enjoy community life like us? In the Co-creation workshop, participants will be divided into four groups; each group will explore the difficulties and opportunities that people with dementia face in their daily life from different perspectives.

  • Shopping
  • Catering
  • Transportation
  • Social Interaction


Why should you participate in the co-creation workshop?

  • Meet experts and social designers who focus on dementia services across sectors.
  • Learn and apply Design Thinking, internalize theoretical knowledge through experiential activities.
  • In-depth research on related industries' challenges and service trends, bringing new ideas for building a caring culture for dementia in our community.


Target Participants

A mixed team with different expertise help us cope with different challenges during the design process! Joi us if you are:

  • Designer (familiar with Adobe Illustrator, Sketch and other drawing tools), including graphic design, user experience design, user interface design, communication design, etc.
  • Event designer/organizer (good at interacting with elders/experience in designing innovative activities), including social worker, event coordinator
  • Frontline elder care social worker or medical nurse
  • Elders, caregivers and all actors concerned with dementia issues
  • People from different industries (such as security, catering, transportation, etc.)


Application details

Deadline of Registration: 2023.01.29 (SUN) 23:59

Admission notification: Successful participants will be notified by email on or before 2023.01.06

** JCDISI may call the applicant for a brief phone interview after receiving the application.

**Applicants who can attend all workshop sessions will be given priority.


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“One From Hundred Thousand” Social Innovation Symposium

Guest speakers will be sharing professional knowledges on dementia and introduce relevant innovative projects in Hong Kong during the symposium. The co-creation teams will present their learning outcomes and innovative ideas. The interaction between the guest speakers and the co-creation teams will bring synergistic effects and further develop the innovative ideas for building a caring community culture for people with Dementia in Hong Kong.


Details of Social Innovation Symposium

Date | 2023.03.18 (SAT)

Time | 9:30-13:00

Venue| V322, Jockey Club Innovation Tower (Block V), PolyU

Format | In-person


symposium speakers min


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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 3400 2829 / 3400 8281

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