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  • Landscape Study , , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S14/S14_SGH_Landscape_20220309_-_FINAL.pdf, images/content/programme/S14/pdf.png, ,
  • Social Innovation Symposium Rundown, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S14/rundown.pdf, images/content/programme/S14/Capture_rundown.jpg, ,
  • Recap Event (Audio only), , , https://youtu.be/AhT8g4Cge_4, images/content/programme/S14/S14_600_300-min.png, ,
  • Growing up in Small Group Homes: Risks, needs, interventions and outcomes, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S14/Short_version_-_Growing_up_in_Small_Group_Homes.pdf, images/content/programme/S14/S14-_PPT.png, ,
  • From Fear to Love” The arising challenges providing a child-centric service in the current SGH setting, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S14/JCDISI_TSA_From_fear_to_love_20220408revised_min.pdf, images/content/programme/S14/SA.png, ,
  • Bridging the gap: pilot programmes responding to the changing needs, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S14/Bridging_the_gap_Pilot_programmes_responding_to_the_changing_needs_edited.pdf, images/content/programme/S14/SKH.png, ,
  • Nurturing exposure for SGH youth and supporting post 18 graduates’ future-readiness - Sharing practical experience , , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S14/POLYU_SYMPOSIUM_842022_revised_version.pdf, images/content/programme/S14/TW.png, ,
  • How to use CANS (CHILD ADOLESCENT NEEDS AND STRENGTHS) for effective Case Management and Permanency Planning, , , https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/images/content/programme/S14/Permanency_and_Case_Management_JC_Workshop_842022.pdf, images/content/programme/S14/MC.png, ,
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Season 14: Carving Paths Together for Small Group Homes

Small Group Homes (SGHs) is a social service that aims to provide family-like care to children, until they are able to reunite with their families, or live independently. With children from different backgrounds sharing a new life, how might we exercise design thinking to support their recovery and improve residents’ quality of life? We call out to designers, social workers, psychologists, and wellness experts to share their insights to support the SGH residents and operators.

This season's symposium and co-creation workshops explore how the community can support SGH service providers in providing a caring home for the residents and increase their future-readiness when they leave SGHs.

Social Innovation Symposium

Sharing on the challenges, pilot programmes and reflections within the industry by Applied Social Science academia and Residential Child Care Service operators

Date | 8th April 2022 (Friday)
Time | 10:00 -13:00
Format | Zoom Webinar
Fee | Free of charge


Prof. CHUI Wing Hong, Eric

Professor & Head of Department of Applied Social Sciences
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Ms. Ramy Chak

Chief Manager
The Salvation Army Youth, Family and Community Service


Ms Kiann Wong

Assistant Chief Executive
S.K.H. St. Christopher’s Home


Online Co-creation Workshops*

Date | 11th and 12th June 2022 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time | 14:00 -17:00
Format | Butter & Miro
Fee | Free of charge
*You will be notified upon successful/unsuccessful registration for the workshop via email.

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