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  • Transitional Social Housing Action Project Report, Nov 2020, , https://polyu.edu.hk/disi/-/media/department/disi/publication/jcdisi-publication/tsh_report.pdf, images/content/programme/One-from-hundred-thousand/symposium/season1/S1-TSH_Report_cover.jpg, ,
  • Transitional Social Housing Action Project, Nov 2020, , https://youtu.be/wCr3KGAczZA, images/content/programme/One-from-hundred-thousand/symposium/season1/Screenshot_1.png, 1,
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The Transitional Social Housing Action Project covered three sites with varying physical and socio-economic environment, i.e. a temporary work site at the intersection of Tung Chau Street and Yen Chow Street West in Sham Shui Po, the former SKH Stanley Village Primary School in Stanley, and the Ma Wan Old Village.  The Report provides a comprehensive documentation of the cross-sector and trans-disciplinary co-creation process which has contributed to enriching the knowledge in the planning, designing and implementing transitional social housing projects in Hong Kong.

JCDISI sincerely thank all participants in our co-creation workshops, symposia, public engagement and consultation since we started our work on Transitional Social Housing Action Project in 2018.  We hope the Report may contribute to speeding up the delivery of Transitional Social Housing to improve the quality of life of the inadequately housed citizen.